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iByte Web is a trading style of iByte Apps Limited, registered with the companies house in England & Wales. Company # 9504342



iByteWeb accepts payments in parts depending upon the type of project, deployment time, and various other factors. We will inform you of your payment terms when we forward you a proposal. Payments are accepted via our bank account with HSBC, UK for all UK clients. The USA and other worldwide clients can pay via PayPal.



We are happy to carry out revisions to your website. Your package may or may not contain free revisions. This will be discussed with you in your proposal. If any charges for a particular revision are applicable, these will be discussed with you beforehand. We will not send you any surprise bills.



We are happy to issue you a refund if you have changed your mind. A refund is only possible before the initial stage of selecting your design has been reached. Once a layout for your website is finalized, we will complete your work. Any outstanding monies will remain payable within the stipulated span of your proposal even if you decide not to pursue the deployment of your project.



Search Engine Optimization can take anywhere between 3 months up to 18 months to procure the expected results or close by. If for some reason, we aren’t able to provide the expected results, the client will have to wait for a minimum of 18 months from the start date, before applying for a refund. This time period is necessary because of the delayed nature of SEO results. If after such a period, the client isn’t happy with the results of optimization, we will issue you with an 80% refund of the entire cost.



We will assume that you are in ownership of the intellectual rights for all data that you submit to iByteWeb for the design & development of your project. Any stock media that maybe be provided to you by iByteWeb will remain intellectual properties of iByteWeb and you will be extended a license to use them in your project only. iByteWeb will not be held responsible for any claims of infringements of copyrights in your project, deployed or under development.



Under normal circumstances, iByteWeb guarantees that your website will be up to 99.9%. In other words, your website will not face a downtime of more than 8 years in a whole calendar year which may include maintenance schedules, server migrations, and software upgrades. In some unfortunate events though, such as OS corruption, software or hardware failure, we will revoke this guarantee, but we will let you know the reason for this and how long it will take to restore your services.



iByteWeb will store a backup copy of your project and will also pass on a copy to you for safekeeping.


CMS & E-Commerce Websites

iByteWeb assumes no responsibility for the content of CMS & E-Commerce websites as these can be edited and modified by the client. As such, for any claims arising out of the content and operation of such websites, the client agrees to deal with them directly, absolving iByteWeb of any liability, civil or criminal.



You can remove all cookies from your web browser by following appropriate steps for the software you use. For any information exchange between you and iByteWeb that you wish to be permanently deleted, please contact us via our contact form. We will need to know what information you wish to have deleted, the dates, and the reason for your request.



iByteWeb reserves the right to amend its terms of service at any time without giving any prior notice to its clients.



In the unfortunate event that a dispute has arisen out of a contract, the client waives of their right to litigation and agrees to mediation via a mutually agreed-upon mediator in the county of Northamptonshire, England. iByteWeb will be liable for a maximum of compensation for twice the value of the original project/contract.



If you have any confusion or concerns regarding our privacy policies, you can contact us via our contact us form.