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Most Common Questions

We are hoping that we have answered most of the common questions below. For anything else, we are more than happy to help.

How long does it take to build a website?

This really depends upon your content. If your ideas and vision are clear, provided you are able to submit your content to us quickly, we can normally deploy your website in 24-48 hours. E-commerce and similar projects take longer due to their complexity but, we will always agree on a deadline with you.

What do I need to provide to you?

We will need every single word that goes on your website in a textual format organised in a simple text file. Apart from this, we will need your pictures, logos, and graphics that you would like to have integrated into your project.

Do you provide domain name registration?

We can register and manage your domain name for an additional fee. This can be discussed when we send over your proposal. However, we encourage clients to register their own domain name and that they keep complete control of it. A domain name is can become a very valuable asset for a successful business and hence, it must be handled with extreme caution.

Who owns the deployed project?

You will have 100% ownership of the project we design and/or develop for you. In some case, where we use templates, you might have to purchase a licence only if you decide to host your own website. As we have an ongoing partnership with many content providers, licences are always inclusive while your websites are deployed on our web servers.

What do you mean by hosting?

All websites (their relevant files & folders) need to be placed on lightning-fast computers which are connected to the Internet 24x7x365. This process is called hosting a website and such computers are called servers.

We have two such dedicated servers leased strategically in different physical locations to facilitate optimum performance of our websites.

Will my website work on smart phones and tablets?

Absolutely! Our websites are designed to be responsive. This means that our codes will detect the devices on which a website is being viewed and will accordingly serve pages that are specifically adapted to be served for that particular device.

Can you help be rank higher in Google searches?

Yes of course! Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process that enables websites to get high rankings on Google. This is a lengthy process and takes a minimum of 3 months, but in some cases results can take up to 1 year from the date of implementation. All of our SEO packages come with a money-back guarantee. Our customers will happily vouch for us.

Can you help me update a website that already exists?

We can certainly look into it. This really depends upon what softwares have been used to develop your existing platform. It’s best to get in touch with us to see how we can help. Afterall, there aren’t any charges to chat with us 🙂

Are there any other charges involved apart from designing the website?

There are many aspects to owning a website and how much money is required to make it commercially viable. But for now, apart from the designing part, you can expect to pay for your own domain name which is generally around the £10-£20 / year mark, and then there are hosting charges if you decide to host your website with us. These will be clearly mentioned to you in your proposal and there will be no hidden charges or surprise bills to pay.

What are your payment terms?

For orders over £1000

  • 40% upon accepting your order
  • 30% upon finalising your design
  • 20% upon completion and signing off of your project



For all orders other orders

  • 80% upon accepting your order
  • 20% upon completion and signing off of your project